C-Suite Invitational: Transformation HealthCare: Executive Health Education and Innovation Forum

This forum organized by Dr. Josh D. Luke (www.DrJoshLuke.com) was thoughtful, open and poignant as it brought together practitioners on the front lines. They shared their real world, the good bad and the ugly.

And of course, we in order to share what we believe are real world, will address the barriers and obstacles that are impeding good health care. But that being said, there are solutions that are being piloted, there are solutions that are being shared as well addressing the agenda that the post acute network should be formulating.

We need to monitor CMS programs that are addressing value based care, current home health restrictions that impact, Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) solutions, such as Nutrition and home care supplemental benefits.

The keynote speaker, Dr. Eric Coleman has been a thought leader in the Transitional Care movement. Full disclosure, we have presented at the American Society on Aging (www.asaging.org) on many of the CMS Demonstration Initiatives, many were prototypes of his model. We believe his site is a great resource-(www.caretransitions.com)

The treads are preventing admissions, reducing re-admissions and how to engage the consumer, their family, the health care team and that is a dynamic-the Team and its functionality. Dr. Coleman stressed engagement and the optimal effectiveness of current models and some of their defects. We all have invested in telephonic management BUT scripted conversations do not work. We pay no attention to “self-care”. Dr. Coleman is not a proponent of Check Lists –they silence the patient. They maybe efficient, but are they effective.

Another significant development and we have previously shared NAC (National Association of Caregivers). We will be sharing a discussion in another blog with Grace Whiting, President/CEO.Can we succeed with value based performance without the support of caregivers.

There are many pieces of the puzzle, the Caregiver piece has recently been acknowledged in the Caregiver Advise Resource and Enabled Act. The Care Act. 39 States have enacted it.( AARP is working with states to expand to all states.

We will be sharing in another blog other pieces of the puzzle and some additional conferences that we believe can embolden you-our valued readership.

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By Bill Shaw

William " Bill " Shaw has been in the health care sector for over 30 years. After leaving management positions at Fortune 200 companies. such as The Upjohn Company, Kidde, The Travelers and Cigna he started William M Shaw & Associates, health care consulting. He has written and presented at many industry conferences . He has supported over 80 companies, start-ups in their positioning in the managed care, long term care and nice service/product space.