HCBS Conference

The  national conference is a premier gathering of federal, state and local policymakers, vendors, advocacy groups that come together to learn about innovative programs, seek partnerships and learn best practices in Community and Home-Based Services.  The description of this conference is on the surface level only, because being there, one quickly realizes that the 1500 or so attendees are key influencers in changing how care is being delivered and received in the home.

It was incredibly encouraging this year to finally see the needle moving toward “patient centered care”.  Managed care plans and states are momentously embracing the critical importance of social determents like nutrition, transportation, better housing and supporting family caregivers, etc.

The bow that wrapped this conference up in a big package was watching the videos from a NASUAD hosted contest, “This is Me” from the movie The Greatest Showman during lunch which can be seen here.  The videos from this contest really bring home what Community and Home-Based Services (HCBS) are all about.

For more information check out their website https://www.hcbsconference.org/


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By Bill Shaw

William " Bill " Shaw has been in the health care sector for over 30 years. After leaving management positions at Fortune 200 companies. such as The Upjohn Company, Kidde, The Travelers and Cigna he started William M Shaw & Associates, health care consulting. He has written and presented at many industry conferences . He has supported over 80 companies, start-ups in their positioning in the managed care, long term care and nice service/product space.