Post Acute LINK Conference Update – June 2016

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As the name of the conference implies the focus is on an array of payment methodologies, the Government scene, as well as addressing the Post Acute Network and how to integrate the current silos.

The Affordability Care Act, known as Obama Care precipitated many interventions to start stemming rising health care expenditures-where the GDP is rapidly approaching 20% . The impetus for change was precipitated by CMS (Medicare) penalizing hospitals for re-admissions. Where a hospital could have their revenues reduced by over 1% was a wake-up call. That call precipitated hospitals reaching out to other “brokers” in the system.

One model that we would like to share with our readership is an initiative domiciled in Western
Michigan. Tandem 365-Senior Living Innovations in Home-Based Care is an innovative model based upon collaboration. At the end of this article we will share the emails of the principals so that you can reach out to discuss and explore solutions for your local communities.

The value proposition is based on an Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) that offers a “person centered approach” that provides the right services at the right time. The model is centered on non-traditional interventions-such as advance care planning, accompaniment to the “clients” physician, transportation and a heavy reliance on volunteers to augment the direct care practitioners.

Providing services 24/7 triage services, integrated care paramedics support, collaboration with home health, skilled nursing facilities and other senior programs are under pinning’s of the program. As we cited the hospitals who needed to address penalties convened the community providers. They in essence precipitated the transformation of bringing together friendly competitors co-collaborators to motivate the group to think Bigger. Tandem 364 became the vision.

The value of collaboration brought together experienced organizations, sharing experiences, including expert leaders, moving toward a unified approach and capitalizing on the strength of each organization. Partners with strong linkages to community based services and other health care providers. Optimizing resources and raising capita; were bi-products. Lastly, having a common vision and mission and aligning with community stakeholders became the galvanizing force.

Now that the organization is established Tandem 365 is establishing best practices, gaining experience and confidence, focusing on breaking down barriers, adjusting the concept based on reality and buildingits own culture. As we all know, metrics drive the evaluation. With a current census of 355 ED visits are 2.2 %, Hospitalizations are 5.1 % and prehospitalization are .2%.

Look at your own community data and do a comparative analysis-that will enable you to possibly embrace this model.

For further information please reach out to:

Teresa Toland, CEO, Tandem365 ([email protected])
Christina Matzke, Chief Health Care Officer, Sunset Retirement Community ([email protected])
Mark Meijer. President, LIFE EMS ([email protected])
Brian Pangle,President and CEO Clark Retirement Community (brian.pangle@clarkretirementhere)