Market Trends and Strategies-Post Acute Link Conference

The recent Post Acute Link Care Continuum Conference held in Chicago coordinated by the Lincoln Group assembled a group of national experts that looked at the changes and positioning of Acute Care, SNF’,s  Life Plan Communities, Home Health and Home Care. Transcending the bricks and mortar structures is technology and other enhancements to better manage the post acute patient.

Addressed and most  needed to reduce hospital admissions as well as re-admissions are Hospitals  in ACO’s and Bundlers narrowing post acute networks, creating disincentives for readmissions from the network  as well as reducing referrals to SNFs,. And controls on ALOS.

As we have addressed in prior blogs and reinforced in the sessions are CMS trends to increase from 30% to 50% value based payments. Also, optimizing home health and home care providers obviating skilled care all together. Another trend are super SNF’s manage, owned and operated by Physician groups and Chorionic Care companies.

What do all providers need to address in their becoming part of a narrow network as well as differentiating their services in the community. Partnering relationships as opposed to being a vendor. Trained staff not just the “managed care” network people, being able to admit the “tough patient-taking them anytime and quickly”. Sharing data with health systems, managed care (MCO’s) and Physicians.

Since SNF’s are imbedded in the continuum of care and need to survive in the next gen delivery of care philosophy they need to invest in home health, home care (personal care), have a full life plan community on site( on campus)AL/IL or partner with these other communities/providers,

The Post Acute system of today needs to have clinically integrated, EMR platforms that are able to share date across settings that have actionable data intertwined with predictive analytics. Deploying care coordination through care navigators, being able to implement Special Needs Plans and being able to create 90 day plans that meet the specifications for risk bearing managed care plans and ACO’s

The strategy for home health, home care LTAC and other players and carve outs need to address quality, cost, partnering philosophy. Tele monitoring capacity. Data, data and the culture to embrace change.

People, geographic concentration, scale and nichespeciality services, serving higher acuity and having scope of services will enable providers across the spectrum to move early into risk/care management networks.

The Conference was held in June 2017

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By Bill Shaw

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