National Association of Areas on Aging N4A 43rd Annual Conference-Chicago

National Association of Areas on Aging
National Association of Areas on Aging

The critical importance of aligning the Social Determinants of Health with medical needs is finally becoming recognized by CMA as well as the Managed Care Community, payers and providers.The association members have been addressing these needs in their communities for over 30 years. But now is necessary to have an integrated approach. An approach that integrates delivery of needed services, such as nutrition, transportation, housing, behavioral support, financial counseling and is under the auspice of value based care.

We are new approaching an endless frontier, according to Dr. Joseph F. Coughlin, Director MIT Age Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Cambridge, MA. The older adults industry needs to address opportunities through positive optics so that we are defining aging as an opportunity not in negative perception as we currently do. Why is it critical to start retrofitting our thinking, programs, and partnerships? Because in 2047 we have more people over 60 that any other cohort.

We share these prognostications with our readership since they are involved in technology, payer models, provider networks, value based outcomes. They-you need to start reaching out to your local partners and start a dialog that enables both of you to have products, services, exchange of dollars and risk-reward scenarios that enable theses socially based organizations who have relied on government monies to be able to sustain themselves.

It is a strategy that is not just tactical but mission critical. We will be sharing some national resources in our next update on this conference.