Putting care at the Center 2018

December 5-7

The central vision of this conference, recently held in Chicago in early December, was to assemble a village to address managing how the health care eco-system should address complex medical and social needs of its most vulnerable members.

Several years ago six foundations came together to address the issue of “adopting evidence-based interventions that would improve quality and lower costs for those with the greatest needs. That is the basis for the conference- the Blueprint for Complex Care. In conjunction with The National Center for Complex Health and Social Needs. www.nationalcomplexcare and the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers.,www.camdenhealth.org a national attendee list transcending providers, payers, public health, technology, state, federal and foundations met to address how to manage the 20% of the population that consumes  80% of resources.

At its heart, complex care seeks to be person centered equitable, cross-sector, team based, and date driven. Their needs to a roadmap and that was developed as a Strong Field Framework developed by The Bridegspan Group to guide the field assessment.

 Recommendations ranged from the development of core competencies and practical tools, quality measures for complex care programs, cross-sector data infrastructures, research and evaluation priorities, building strategic partnerships, integrate all stake-holders, strengthen local cross-sector partnerships, promote expanded public investment in innovation, research and service delivery.  Also, leverage alternative payment models, a flexible field coordination structure and lastly foster peer2peer connections and learning dissemination.

We will share future meetings, webinars as well as any local confabs so that you can engage as valued readers of our newsletter.

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By Bill Shaw

William " Bill " Shaw has been in the health care sector for over 30 years. After leaving management positions at Fortune 200 companies. such as The Upjohn Company, Kidde, The Travelers and Cigna he started William M Shaw & Associates, health care consulting. He has written and presented at many industry conferences . He has supported over 80 companies, start-ups in their positioning in the managed care, long term care and nice service/product space.