The Insight Exchange Network – May 20 – May 21 2019

Insight Exchange Network hosted their 1st Annual conference on Innovations in Chronic Care Management for Health Plans. The agenda was chalked full of innovative ideas from major health plans on member engagement, nutrition, ride sharing and community outreach, etc.

First, a major milestone.  A large health plan professed that social determinants of health (SDoH) is just a new fancy term for what community-based organizations have been involved in for decades. It appears, these two worlds are figuring out how to weave a safety net as partners to improve health outcomes! 

There were some fascinating “think out of the box” discussions.  In LA county, the homeless population (50,000+) is staggering and with a constant flow of readmissions.  The National Health Foundation acquired an old sanitarium to house the homeless population (called, Medical Respite) and joined forces with a few health plans to lease beds for the homeless to get well when being discharged from the hospital.  Hugely successful, this program has already realized a reduction in readmissions and the program also provides a bridge to permanent housing.

Another presentation from a health plan was their success on leveraging a ride sharing program with Uber and Lyft.  The drivers receive a health certification to facilitate a seamless curb to curb transport from the hospital to home or from home to the physician’s office.

Affordable housing is a topic that many plans have been trying to tackle.  A regional plan in the Midwest presented a new business model where there has been a partnership formed with a major “Houser”.  Relying on the service coordinators within the properties of the affordable housing is a trusted partner with their residents.  These coordinators are going to be a major part of the care team with the health plan to help identify high risk patients and family members.

Finally, an observation.  In order for a SDoH project to become successful at any health plan requires support at the C-Suite.  To date, SDOH codes basically don’t exist, but there are proposals for the adoptions/additions to the ICD-10-CM codes under consideration which could be a game changer for both plans and their members.